At a early age I discovered my passion for interior design and decorating.  By simply moving furniture and accessories, I was able to completely change the look of a room.


The 20 years of experience I’ve had has taught me it's not always necessary to get rid of everything and buy all new.  Sometimes it's as simple as scaling back, or repurposing your favorite pieces.  Today my work involves everything from consulting with homeowners and architects on major projects, to serving as a personal shopper for my clients.  


My signature style is bringing together the old and new, the expensive with the thrift store finds-while always paying close attention to color/texture, pattern/scale.  Finding the opportunity to use unique materials and the items that are meaningful to my clients is what I love most.


My design philosophy remains the same with each of my clients.  Your space and environment should tell your story and be a reflection of you.  If you want your home to be peaceful and relaxing or bold and edgy, I can help.


My clients are the most important part of my business.  


I’m here to make this easy to understand and enjoyable!  I can assist you, whether you want to be actively engaged or hands off.

Schedule a no-cost 30 minute call

How big is your project?  Do you have ideas, but not sure how to start? What is your budget?

This discovery call is the first step.  It helps me understand your objectives, your timeframe and the scope of the project.




Meeting at location of project

Based on our initial discovery call, we will determine the best time and location of our in-person meeting. This can range from 1+ hours depending on the scope of your project.  

My goal is to make sure your project receives the time and attention it deserves.


A proposal is presented

After our initial meeting (and possibly a few follow up calls) I will put together a written proposal that outlines my services, timeline, projected costs and expectations. We can make changes necessary based on this proposal to start the project as soon as possible!

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